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    Top 13 Retirement Gifts For Cigar Lovers

    A time to relax, indulge and be stress free, that’s the ideal picture of what the retirement years are all about. Ideal or not, your retiring loved one deserves a gift as he or she bids goodbye to the work force. While most of the years of his life have been dedicated to building a career or creating an empire, retiring gives him the time to indulge and let the cigar lover in him be totally free to relax and enjoy.

    Many have warned against the risk of smoking cigars. However, most people may not be aware that cigar smoking has positive benefits too. It is said to bring relaxation, great satisfaction and peace of mind. In spite of the health risks it may pose, most people find cigar smoking as meditative and beneficial especially when it comes to relieving stress. It has a way to calm the body and mind, to a point that it brings healing, allowing people to think clearly, get creative and even sleep well. It is a state inducer, making it possible for cigar smokers to see things in a different perspective - one that is clearer and places one in a better state of mind. Not to mention, there are also a number of benefits that communal bonding brings with other stogie lovers.

    So what better way to send off that cigar lover friend or family member on to his retirement years than giving him a special gift. Take time to go through this list to help you find the perfect gift that a retiring cigar aficionado will truly appreciate: 

    1. All In One Sinful Products Case

      He used to carry them all in separate cases. Now, there’s no need to carry several boxes to let the fun and relaxation begin. This All In One Sinful Products Case would be all he needs to carry a cigar and 1.5 ounce of his favorite drink. Also included in this case is a high quality lighter. He’s all set to have fun alone or with the company of well-loved friends. Get the box personalized up to 3 initials to make your retirement gift extra special.

      2. A Cherry Humidor

        You know he loves cigars and you have not been very vocal about your approval of it. Here’s the perfect time to let him know. Keep his smoking sticks firm and strong with this gorgeous humidor. This beautiful and balmy box has a brass plate that can be personalized up to 2 lines with 20 characters for each line so there’s plenty of room for his name and favorite line or your short message for his retirement too.

        3. Cigar Smoker Shirt

          With this shirt, he’s letting everyone know he’s into cigars and proud of it. And thanks to your gift, it helped him let everybody know. This 100% ringspun cotton makes a great shirt for your cigar lover retiring friend or loved one. It has retained its softness in spite of the heavier and thicker cotton used. The shirt is pre-shunk and is quarter turned so it does not crease in the middle. He will definitely love all this and more so what’s printed on it. He’s sure to wear this shirt and remember you for a long time.

          4. Cigar Zone Sign

            His cigar, his space, his time for himself. Now that he’s retired, let him enjoy this sign on his wall reminding him of his cigar zone. Made of metal aluminum, this sign is waterproof, rustproof and weather resistant. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. This decorative sign already have holes drilled and ready to be posted using nuts and bolts. It is perfectly smooth and has quality graphics in high resolution. Certainly a gift he will remember you by.   

            5. Three’s Company

              Cigars, cigar cutter, and favorite drink - that’s everything he needs to get things started.  This handy cigar holder makes it possible for him to sit back, relax and enjoy the good life. Complete with a stainless steel flask and a cigar cutter, all housed in a rustic wooden gift box. Personalize and laser engrave the top of the flask and the box with 2 lines up to 25 characters per line for that extra special touch on this awesome retirement gift.  

              6. Shut the Front Door Humidor

                Complete a cigar lover’s collection with this personalized humidor that is sure to stay with him for many years. This rosewood piano finish humidor comes with two compartments with a sturdy lid that keeps cigars fresh. This cherry shell can be personalized by placing his initials on top. It’s definitely the ideal gift for the cigar fanatic.

                7. Antique Cigar Mold Press

                  He loves cigars and loves collecting antiques. This vintage item from 1900 - 1909 will simply wow cigar smokers. Used since the mid of 19th century, this solid, 20 wood molds are for pressing of cigars and made up of solid oak wood. This item is from Germany and engraved Hart & Hertal No. 29225 - Schweizen by Mannhein, intact and ready to be used and displayed. The wood is naturally distressed with obvious marks of aging adding to its beauty and charm. This is definitely the perfect gift for a cigar lover who’s also into antique collection.

                  8. Glass Cigar Holder

                    Practical, functional and simply smart, this gift has 2 glass cigar holders placed in a jewelry box. Well, why not? It’s a gift that will surely be treasured by your cigar aficionado retiring friends!  A cigar rest specially designed to keep and hold cigars from falling and slipping.  It separates the glass with whiskey from your cigar, keeping your cigar dry. This cigar holder has a unique shape and smooth lines and is made up of premium 304 stainless steel. It is also available in 3 different thickness silicone gaskets to suit different whiskey glasses. He will never have to worry about a wet cigar or a place to rest his cigar on while having his glass of whiskey with this awesome gift.

                    9. Cigar Snipper

                      This stainless steel cigar cutter is sure to delight any cigar lover. Your retiring friend will certainly love this gift as he sees his initials and the date of his retirement engraved on it reminding him that there’s plenty of time to relax and enjoy his cigar collection. Let him start off right using this beautiful cigar snipper.      

                      10. The Consummate Gentleman

                        This retiring friend of yours is simply a man of style and taste and it is reflected in almost everything he does and everywhere he goes. A true gentleman like him deserves no less than this fully customized whiskey decanter, flask/cigar-case and cigar cutter all housed in an antique style rustic wooden case. The decanter can hold up to 1 liter of his favorite drink while the holder can house 2 cigars. Personalize the top of the flask and the box up to 2 lines with 25 characters per line, the decanter with 2 lines up to 10 characters per line and the cigar cutter up to 3 initials to make it extra special. This gift will definitely be enjoyed by cigar aficionados.    

                        11. Celebrate Diversity Cigars Mug

                          He’s definitely a cigar lover but also one who loves coffee or tea. This Celebrate Diversity Cigars ceramic coffee mug is just the perfect gift for him. This mug is dishwasher ready. It is durable and a high quality 11 ounce mug made of modern black ceramic. It is also designed on both sides. Let him enjoy his cigars while having his favorite coffee or tea using this mug that will surely remind him of your thoughtful gift when he retired.  

                          12. Craftsman Humidor

                            Having a fresh cigar handy is what every cigar lover desires. Give him this well-designed glass top humidor. This special gift can hold up to 50 cigars. It properly stores and makes cigars stay fresh all because of the SureSeal Technology. This gift is made of Macintosh Oak with a mahogany walnut finish and a tempered beveled glass top. It has a felt lined bottom and comes with 1 round humidifier. Its interiors are divided interiors for maximum versatility. Have this gift personalized and choose from 3 monogram designs to make it extra special for your retiring friend or loved one.   

                            13. Cigar Box Gift

                              Complete his joy and let him enjoy his cigars alone or with good friends as soon as day 1 of his retirement day. This stogie stacker is simply perfect for your cigar lover retiring friend. The rustic cigar box is made of birch plywood and can be custom engraved with your friend’s name. It comes with a durable swing latch and a bed of wood excelsior for that super cool presentation. Let him enjoy his cigars whenever and wherever carrying this cigar box that will definitely remind him of how thoughtful you were for giving this awesome retirement gift.