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    13 Retirement Gifts For Beer Lovers

    There is this quote from Stephen Morris that goes, “There is more to life than beer alone, but beer makes those other things even better.” And what could be made even better by beer than this season of retirement in the life of your friend or loved one. He’s a beer enthusiast and you have come to accept that fact over the years. 

    He’s been your go-to person for the times you’ve felt down and the one celebrating with you every time you succeed - all with a good bottle of beer! There’s no better occasion to let him know how much you appreciate him than adding to his beer lover’s gift collection as a retirement gift. And while you’re at it, think of how you can improve his beer experience with his buddies too.   

    Let him know how important his friendship is by giving him one of these 13 retirement gifts for beer lovers:

    13. Beer Holder

    Don’t you find it awkward, especially on more formal occasions when you place those six packs on the table complete with its cardboard carrier? Why not give your beer buddy this beer holder that is sure to get them remembered at any gathering?  This quality beer luggage is a gift that allows anyone to arrive with his six packs in a trendy way, no matter the occasion. This brew bearer is made up of fir wood and is delicately engraved with a deer antler design complete with an attached bottle opener. Personalize it by having his name laser engraved on it and he’ll sure to carry it proud and in a stylish way.

    12. Sit Down and Chill Out

    Yes, it’s a retirement gift but one that will definitely be useful come the season for mountain climbing and camping with family and friends. This multifunctional gift is a cooler and a chair a t the same time. This is a great gift for your beer buddy especially when they just want to invite friends and chill in their backyards. Personalize this 3 pounder chair/cooler by having your beer buddy’s initials or his name on it. 

    11. Beer Lover Gift Crate

    This could be the best beer lover gift crate he will ever receive for his retirement day! This assortment comes complete with a collection of beer-infused cheeses - Hopscotch cheddar, red dragon and cheddar with porter. It also contains smoke and stout caramel exotic candy bar, condiments, and crackers made with beer. You’re sure that he will enjoy this gift as fresh as possible as it ships in an insulated package. 

    10. Amber Beer Growler

    Would you like your gift to end up in the family table of your beer buddy? Then this Amber growler will be the perfect gift choice. Have it sandblast engraved with his last name, one that you can be sure will never wear off much like your friendship with him.

    9. Insulated Beer Carrier

    Perfect for his beer bottles, this Insulated beer carrier is made of Neoprene, a stretchy material that keeps beverages cold and protected. It fits 12 oz to most 22 oz bottles and includes a built-in bottle opener. Easily slide beer bottles into their snug holder. You’re sure his beer will stay cold for up to four hours. This beer carrier can also be easily folded for easy storage.

    8. Leather Koozie

    It’s made of leather, it’s stylish and it’s functional. This customized, all leather, silver detailed and super insulated koozie is his kind of gift for retirement day. It can hold up to 12 oz of his favorite beer and can be personalized with two lines of up to 15 characters each line.

    7. Beer Cap Holder

    Give him this beer cap holder and turn this cap collection into a contest amongst your beer buddies! This beer cap holder comes with a free bottle opener/wine cork holder. It’s made of stained pine wood and can hold 800 beer bottle caps or 150 wine corks. Have it personalized with his name and a favorite beer quotation and you’re all set for the perfect retirement gift for your beer lover friend.   

    6. Caricature Mug

    How personalized could it get? Placing his hand-drawn and digitally printed caricatured face on his own mug simply speak of how fond you are of this co-worker of yours. Each time he drinks down his glass of ice cold beer on a hot day he is refreshed not just with his drink but the thought that you actually remembered him through this mug.

    5. Oakhill Personalized Beer Stein

    Your retiring beer buddy only deserves the best gift so why not give them this Italian glass complete with a pewter lid made from Germany. It can contain up to 16 ounces of beer and can be personalized with his initials or his first name.

    4. Mugician

    He might have probably received a dozen mugs on different occasions. But this mug will certainly end up as your beer buddy’s favorite. This 100% stainless steel mug can contain up to 14 ounces of his favorite beer and ask for some more. How? Engraved at the bottom are the words, “You are not drunk enough.” It can also have your beer buddy’s initials engraved in front of the mug.

    3. Stoneware Pottery Beer Mug

    Delicately made by hand on a potter’s wheel with a pulled handle, this stoneware pottery beer mug will definitely be a treasure to cherish as a retirement gift. Designed with historical banding pattern, this mug is sure to keep his home-brewed or craft beer cold. It can even come in his favorite color as you have a variety of colors to choose from.   

    2. Animal Home - Personalized Beer Sample Set

    He would love to relive his glory days together with his favorite beer buddies with this special gift. The personalized beer sample set comes with four pilsner glasses including one personalized paddle made of naturally finished wood. Have his name laser engraved on it and you’re all set or that perfect retirement gift.

    1. Outdoor Collapsible Beer Table

    He loves to have his cold beer outdoors and with his favorite buddy. If that’s the case, then this gift is perfect for him. This outdoor collapsible beer table is designed to hold not just his drinks but his snacks as well. It comes complete with a built-in bottle opener and a stainless steel bowl for his favorite beer pairings. The fiberglass rod pushes on grass dirt or sand without having to exert much effort. And yes, it’s collapsible and can easily fit his backpack. A gift your retiring friend simply can’t resist.