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    Tips For Choosing A Retirement Gift

    It has finally come. The time that most people desire to have - to finally stop working and have the time to do whatever they intend to do. This is the time to sleep in, take vacations, travel and start doing every activity written on the bucket list. And it’s just a matter of time when it is your turn as well to be given a send-off to start your retirement years. A thoughtful gift for a colleague who’s finally reached the end of life’s work season would be well appreciated.

    Colleagues that have finally reached the retirement season in their lives are worthy of the honor and recognition were given to them before they finally leave the workplace. Preparing a little something that is memorable for them would be the perfect way to celebrate their retirement.

    Here are some tips to help you choose the best retirement gifts:

    1) Give as a group

    Not only will this help in cutting down on the cost of a retirement gift, it would also be the most appropriate thing to do. Instead of individually giving gifts to the retiring colleague, a group gift will allow you to buy something that may cost a little more but since the price is divided to the entire department, it ends up costing you less. However, you were still able to give a gift that will leave an impact to the one retiring.

    Even if you are giving as a group, it is important to remember to have your messages individually done. This way it doesn’t lose the personal touch to the one you are giving the gift to. There are a lot of choices for group gifts. One of them could be this engraved classic timepiece or the modernized smartwatch.

    2) Get to know the hobby your colleague is planning to get into

    Retired people have more time to spend doing their hobbies. Give something related to the hobby he’s planning to have like this golf set or this garden set if he’s planning to spend his retirement using his green thumb. Will your colleague be pursuing a baking or cooking hobby? Then this personalized apron would be the perfect retirement gift for him.

    Depending on the inclination of your retiring colleague, if the interest is in music, then show or concert tickets would be the appropriate gift. You may even opt to send your colleague off to a Broadway weekend if he or she is a theater enthusiast. For sports enthusiasts, season tickets to a favorite sporting event would be the best gift to give. Remember that retirees have a lot of time to spare and are capable of attending events that are held locally and even internationally. 

    For a colleague who’s known to be fascinated with technology, then the latest gadget personalized through engravings and customized protective cases would be a gift that will definitely be remembered. Better yet, give your colleague the top smartphone brand that can be used as a shopping companion, camera, timepiece, communication device, bookstore, library, and a day planner.

    3) Feel free to get sentimental

    This is especially true if the retiring colleague is someone close to you. Years of working together will be missed and you just have to express that through the gift you are giving. You may opt to give a collection of photos compiled in a photo album or a scrapbook. Something that can come in handy whenever your colleague wants to recall special times when he is still working.  Another sentimental gift would be a collection of handwritten messages or letters from colleagues.   

    You can also opt to give this personalized journal that your retiring colleague may use in beginning his or her new season in life.

    4) Give travel-related gifts

    Retirement signals the best time to travel and visit places that your retiring colleague has only dreamed of. A joint gift could mean giving a trip to a destination he or she wanted to go to.

    You may also give items useful for traveling like quality luggage set, camping gear, binoculars, camera, beach bag, neck pillow, headphone and the like.

    5) Give the gift of learning something new

    Retirement may mean not having to go to work but it should not mean stopping to learn something new. In fact, this may very well be the start of finding out what they excel at the most, one that your retiring colleague never really had the chance to explore or cultivate, simply because of the demands of work.

    What can be a better way to send-off your colleague than to give a gift of a learning experience? There are workshops or classes made available in local universities and even high-end restaurants that offer classes on wine, making sushi, pottery, painting and many more.         

    6) Be Practical

    Your colleague may be having an upcoming expense that you may cover.  There may be plans to do a house renovation or even purchase a new home that would require the purchase of furniture. A gift card would be a welcome gift in this case.

    A practical gift can also be giving to the charity of choice of your retiring colleague. This is another option when making a joint gift so a bigger donation may be made in behalf of the retiree.  

    It pays to get to know the retiring colleague’s plans after retirement so you can make a better choice in selecting practical gifts. Sometimes the best way to do that is to ask the spouse so you can get a clear picture of the future endeavors your colleague may have upon retirement.

    Be creative and remember that no matter how simple or extravagant your retirement gift is, what counts is the sincerity behind the giving. Remember to give a personal note along with the gift. Keep in mind that your colleague is about to transition to a new life season so don’t always assume it is an exciting or happy time nor should you consider it something he or she should feel bad about. Stay on the neutral and express your appreciation of the opportunity given to meet and work with the retiree. Also, stay clear of insensitive gifts like gag and gifts related to age or those that pertain to the retiree’s new time freedom. You don’t want to be hurting their feelings on their last party with you.  

    Choosing a retirement gift for someone should be well thought out. You should consider their interests and the kind of personality they have. It would be wise to choose a gift that reminds them of the kind of work they did and the memories they have shared with you and the other members of the organization. However, your gift may also be one that takes into consideration the new lifestyle the retiree is looking forward to.  Having a gift that can represent both would be most appropriate to give.

    Know that whatever you decide to give, let it be something that the retiree will remember and appreciate years after the transition from work to retirement. Your gift can make an impact in the life of one who’s about to start a new season in life so make it count.