18 Retirement Gifts Your Parents Will Surely Love

March 07, 2019

18 Retirement Gifts Your Parents Will Surely Love

They’ve been working hard almost half of their lives just so they can give you a comfortable life. Now that it’s their time to retire, you don’t just want to thank them for all their sacrifices but you also want to make it a memorable time. Preparing a retirement gift for your parents would be all worth it. Say thank you and let them know how much you love and appreciate them. A gift they will surely love will make it a memorable time so that when they look back on this day, it will always bring a big smile on their faces and remember how you have made it extra special for them.

Whether you think they already have everything, a gift coming from you would always be treasured. Would you like to give something sentimental? How about something useful? Or do you prefer giving a gag gift? The best part is we have prepared these ideas just for you. So why not look into these 18 retirement gifts that your parents will surely love:

1. Personalized Poker Set 

Now that they are retired, let mom and dad enjoy this poker set while enjoying their favorite drink and snacks. This set includes 4 flasks, a bowl, poker chips, dice and plastic poker cards. Whether they play it a t home or while relaxing in a park on a lazy afternoon, you can be sure your parents will have fun with this gift set. All placed n a box that can be personalized with their names or initials making it an extra special gift.

2. Retirement Sundial 

What can better represent retirement more than a sundial? A sundial symbolizes all the time your parents have in their hands now that they have retired. Made of solid English cast brass, your retirement message is cast into the fabric of the metal. Choose from the standard text or choose the inner or full custom options. This gift is handmade and lacquered on completion in order to preserve its finishing.

3. Personalized Cigar Box 

Your parents would want their cigars fresh each day, especially now that they have retired. This this rustic cigar box would be the perfect retirement gift. This gift comes complete with a beautiful swing latch and a bed of straw for that perfect presentation. Especially made of birch plywood, you can have it engraved with their name or initials and you’re all set to hand them a gift they will always remember you by.

4. Amazon Gift Card 

Spoil your parents by giving them this Amazon gift card affixed inside a diamond plate gift box. These gift cards have no fees and expiration date meaning they can actually use it for as long as they want. It is redeemable towards millions of items storewide in Amazon.com. Give them the freedom to choose the gift they want for their retirement. After all, they know best what to reward themselves for all the hard work they have invested in the corporate world. The best part is you have made it all convenient for hem by giving them this Amazon gift card.

5. Personalized Watch Retirement Gift 

Your parents will truly appreciate this personalized watch as a retirement gift. Made from real sandalwood and real leather, let this be one memorable part of their watch collection as they remember your thoughtfulness on the day of their retirement. It comes complete with a gift box ready to be handed to your parents.

6. Woodberry Basket Gift Set

Retirement means they have more time to have tea time together. Let your parents relax make tea time something they look forward to as you give them this wood berry basket gift set filled with organic loose-leaf herbal teas. You can even include tea filters and choose if you prefer the sample pouches (8 servings in each) or the small glass jars (12 servings in and each). Placed in a plain wooden crate complete with a custom hand-burned wooden tag, this is one gift your parents will have a hard time to resist.

7. Personalized Golf Set 

They have all the time in the world to do what they have always dreamed of doing - play golf. Let your parents hit the golf course in style with this personalized golf set that comes with a shoe carrier, terry cloth towel with grommet and hook design and divot repair key chain. This gift can also be personalized with a single block initial inside a square design.

8. Collage Embossed Leatherette Album

Years have passed and work has a way of stealing away the time to gather in one album memories made by the family and set it on a really nice embossed collage frame design. Present your parents with this bookstyle bound album with sewn leatherette cover. Each page can hold 3 photos per page. Your parents can place a total of 300 4 x 6 photos in optically clear plastic pockets. Something they can always open whenever they feel like reminiscing those special moments.

9. A Moment In Time Journal

Memories are not only collected through photos but by journaling them. As your parents start a new phase in their life, let them enjoy every adventure and allow them to relive it by giving them this notebook where they can write each of them. With a vintage old world charm, this journal can also be personalized both on the front and back with their favorite quote or your retirement message for them.

10. Gourmet Coffee Gift Set 

Time to reward your parents with a trip around the world! Or if that’s something you can’t afford for now, at least let them have a taste of coffees from around the world. Packaged in clear glass and placed in a metal gift box, it’s coffee they can bring with them while camping, in a hotel room or even when travelling. Let your parents enjoy the coffee of Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia, Africa, France, and Italy all in the comfort of their home.

11. Personalized Luggage Tags

They have waited long enough to travel to places they’ve never been before. Now that they are retired, it’s high time to start checking their travel bucket list! Send them off with this luggage tag that comes with a plastic loop strap for easy attachment to their bags. Personalize it with their name or initials up to ten characters. They’ll be travelling across the globe remembering your thoughtfulness on the day that they retired.

12. Elegant Blanket 

Express the warmth of your love and appreciation to your retiring parents by giving them this luxurious and elegant blanket. Let it be a constant reminder that they are always valued and loved. This blanket is made of high grade velvet fleece and sherpa complete with a classy design and feel. A hug is sure to give them that warm feeling inside but it’s even made better if you let the warmth of this blanket remind them of your hug each and every day.

13. Personalized Koozie 

Now that they have all the time in the world to date each other, this personalized koozie will make their date even more special as they bring their favorite drink with them. With double-wall insulation and steel construction, it has a top of the line cooling technology combined with a real cool design. Have it personalized with the first letter of their last name and you’re all set to giving a gift they can treasure for a long time.

14. Coffee Brewer

Let drinking coffee be made easy as they start their new season together as retired parents. Give hem this coffee maker that comes complete with a 6 K-cup pods, a water filter handle plus two filters and a large water reservoir. It even has a strength control setting allowing you to brew a bolder cup of coffee and up to five temperature settings. What’s more is that it has large color touch screen with a digital clock that brews coffee under a minute. Definitely the kind of gift your parents will thank you for.

15. Personalized Leather iPhone Case

No. Retirement does not mean they also stop being super cool and stylish. Let your parents enjoy this split-leather iPhone 6 case engraved with their initials. This iPhone case doubles up as a wallet that can keep the things important to your parents. This gift is available in all iPhone sizes so just choose the ones that will fit in mom and dads phone. You can have this gift personalized with 2 initials.

16. Compact Pillow Massager

All that stress and long hours of work after so many years surely deserves a lot of relaxation. Let this ergonomic and compact pillow massager relieve sore, overused and tight muscles. It perfectly fits behind neck and body contours of the lower and upper back, calf, abdomen and thigh areas. It also comes with powerful 3-dimension deep kneading shiatsu massage. Keep them free from stress and fully equipped to relax with this functional gift.

17. Beach Lovers Tote

Your mom would be delighted to receive this beach lover’s tote bag for her retirement. Let her hit the beach in style with this canvas bag with striped pattern design in multiple vibrant colors. This is one bag which is not only perfect for that beach day, but practical for almost any occasion. This gift can be personalized with a single initial, a monogram, or a custom line up to 12 characters.

18. Digital Photo Frame 

Give your parents the leading digital photo frame and let them update easily via the Nixplay app. With this app they can easily access photos on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Flickr), videos and images and send them it to their frame. Photo update may also be done automatically with Google photo’s live albums. Making memories are the greatest connection between you and your parents. This gift allows you to stay connected to them and definitely the best gift you can give as they retire.

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