16 Unique Company Retirement Gifts

May 24, 2019

16 Unique Company Retirement Gifts

Retiring is a new phase in life that your co-worker is about to experience. Whether or not he will be adjusting fast or gradually will be really up to him. Letting him know how much you appreciate all his hard work and friendship in all his years of working is one way you can help him transition positively into retirement. So why not start with giving him a unique gift as he says goodbye to the corporate world.

Here are 16 unique retirement gift ideas you can choose from:  

16. Rustic Cigar Box

    Keep his cigars fresh each day. This rustic cigar box would be the perfect retirement gift. This gift comes complete with a beautiful swing latch and a bed of straw for that perfect presentation. Specially made of birch plywood, you can have it engraved with his name or initials and you’re all set to hand him a gift he will always remember you by.  

    15. Personalized Gardening Set 

      He loves gardening. It’s the best time to start doing the thing he loves the most now that he’s finally retired. Get him equipped with these engraved hand trowel and cultivator set made of strong steelhead and durable hardwood handle. Personalize it by engraving his initials or your short message to make it extra special.  

      14. Three’s Company

        Cigars, cigar cutter, and favorite drink - that’s everything he needs to get things started.  This handy cigar holder makes it possible for him to sit back, relax and enjoy the good life. Complete with a stainless steel flask and a cigar cutter, this gift is housed in a rustic wooden gift box. Personalize and laser engrave the top of the flask and the box with 2 lines up to 25 characters per line for that extra special touch on this awesome retirement gift. 

        13. Flower Mug 

          She loves everything with flowers on it. Make her remember you each time she sips on her favorite tea by giving her this unique handmade flower mug. This mug has an enamel metal handle with an elegant butterfly and blue rose flower design. It is lead-free and made from eco-friendly materials. Simply perfect

          12. iPhone Case

            Retirement does not mean he also stops being super cool and stylish. Let him enjoy this split-leather iPhone 6 case engraved with their initials. This iPhone case doubles up as a wallet that can keep the things important to him. This gift is available in all iPhone sizes so just choose the ones that will fit in his phone. You can have this gift personalized with 2 initials. 

            11. Happy Retirement Bookmark 

              This Happy Retirement bookmark is a handmade item that comes with a Tibetan silver bookmark base. It has a silver-tone retirement charm and your choice of beads. You’ll never run out of choice as there are 37 bead designs to choose from. Let here remember you each time she picks up that favorite book adorned with this lovely bookmark.    

              10. Man Apron

                Work has now transitioned from the office to his home garden. And at times, this can be really messy. Make this apron the ideal present to shield him from getting all dirty. This apron is made up of waxed canvas with leather accents. It has three front pockets and an adjustable strap for the waist and the neck. Have it personalized and place his name or initials to make it more special.   

                9. Window Bird Feeder  

                Let him enjoy bird watching at the comfort of his own home. While relaxing on his favorite chair, he can now closely watch wild birds without the aid of binoculars through this top of the line bird feeder. This one is made from high transparency, see-through acrylic so you can study and appreciate the beauty of local bird species. This window bird feeder comes with the strongest suction cups, is easy to clean and comes complete with drain holes in the tray and main feeder. 

                8. Personalized Koozie 

                  Now that he has all the time in the world, this personalized koozie will make his “me time” even more special as he picks up his favorite drink. With double-wall insulation and steel construction, it has a top of the line cooling technology combined with a real cool design. Have it personalized with the first letter of his last name and you’re all set to giving a gift he can treasure for a long time. 

                  7. Iron Horseshoe 

                  This Iron Horseshoe gift will really look great on his wall and would constantly remind him how you made his retirement extra special. Every one of this horseshoe gift was once on a horse’s hoof for a number of weeks. They come in different sizes, design and even character. Let him hang them above his door to bring good luck and blessings.   

                  6. All In One Sinful Products Case

                  Now, there’s no need to carry several boxes to let the fun and relaxation begin. This All In One Sinful Products Case would be all he needs to carry a cigar and 1.5 ounces of his favorite drink. Also included in this case is a high-quality lighter. He’s all set to have fun alone or with the company of well-loved friends. Get the box personalized up to 3 initials to make your retirement gift extra special.

                  5. Retirement Wish Jar 

                  With 100 wish tickets, pen and re-writable twine, your retiring co-worker will truly enjoy and appreciate this Retirement Wish Jar. Let him be greeted for the next 100 days as you fill the retirement wish jar with future wishes and ambitions for the happy years to come after retirement. This gift is carefully packaged in a protective gif box ready to be given to the retiree. 

                  4. Moment In Time Journal 

                  Let him start journaling memories. As he starts a new phase in life, let him enjoy every adventure and allow him to relive it by giving him this notebook where he can write each of them. With a vintage old world charm, this journal can also be personalized both on the front and back with his favorite quote or your retirement message for him.  

                  3. Rustic Planter Box 

                  She will surely love this rustic planter box with three mason jars. It will definitely be a perfect centerpiece for whatever occasion she may have. This gift is very unique because you can customize a personal message that is professionally engraved on the planter. It is made of all natural wood with a dark stained finish. It has 3-pint size mason jars and comes with a decorative ribbon in linen color.   

                  2. Retirement Clock 

                  This fun retirement clock is perfect for home décor. Made from classic oak wood frame with glass cover, it has an easy to read face divided into 7 clearly marked day sections and a single hand. It provides great functionality for those on the road or on a “retired” schedule. It’s also a great help for people suffering from memory loss as it clearly displays the day of the week.  Beautiful, functional and unique rolled into one special gift.

                  1. Personalized Poker Set 

                    Now that he’s retired, let him enjoy this poker set while enjoying his favorite drink and snacks. This set includes 4 flasks, a bowl, poker chips, dice and plastic poker cards. Whether he plays it at home or while relaxing in a park on a lazy afternoon with his favorite buddies, you can be sure he will have fun with this gift set. All placed in a box that can be personalized with his name or initials making it an extra special gift. 







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